The new Kid

So… post number three… still feel like the new kid at school, but hey, this is fun… thought today i best put one of my pictures on here, since it is meant to be all about my images… anyway this is a shot i took in London last year… just though it sums up the place… busy,busy,busy… wet,wet,wet.. amazing city though.. one of my favourite locations for street photography..

just out of interest, i have posted this at low resolution cos i don’t know if people can easily use these images… are they protected..? any advice would be appreciated..

Typically London
Typically London

what is this blogging all about….?


2015 is going to be a year when i learn ‘blogging’, i want to know what all the fuss is about… and see if it can be used for fun or whether it just becomes an extension of email and ends up a pain rather than pleasure..

I am a photographer, 47 years old and not really up to speed on social media… i have always loved photography, but never been a big fan of the digital era.. but in the last few years i have made a big effort with my digital photography, editing and website

so here we go…. hold on.. i think it will be a bit of a roller coaster.