Dubai Street photography 3

Hindu Girl Dxb

Dubai never lets me down… I never plan too much when i fancy a few hours of street photography… i just get up early, pick the area i want to capture, then see what happens… this Friday i spent a few hours in the back streets near to Dubai creek.. I noticed a huge gathering of Indian families, so i went over for a chat. They advised it was a day of worship at their local Hindu temple, which was hidden away in a back street not far from where the people gathered. I asked if it would be ok for me to visit, observe and maybe take some pics… they were very happy and guided me along the way.. the only rule was that i had to remove my shoes… i obliged and headed into the makeshift temple.. at no time did i feel un-welcome or out of place.. all the people made me feel so involved and chatted to me to understand why i was there… it was just a great couple of hours..

more pics and words to follow… see ye soon.


Dubai Street Photography

Fruit Market Dubai
Fruit Market Dubai

hi… i promised in my last post i would start to attach some of my Dubai street pictures… i am sure lots of people would associate Dubai with lots of bling… 5* hotels, iconic structures, palm island etc etc, but Dubai does have amazing, vibrant street life, especially in the old parts of town around the Creek area.

The image in this post was taken at the fruit market early one morning… the guys who work there are so nice and friendly.. i always try to chat with them and ask permission before i take any pictures.. they never say no and they really like to see the results in the camera display..

I have just invested in an instamatic lomo camera, the reason is to be able to give the guys an instant, little keep sake, to keep when i take their picture…

will be back soon….

Dubai photography

only me again… you may have guessed I am currently based in Dubai, which is an amazing city for photography.

For me it is all about the outdoors… i do luv the iconic buildings, as per the one below, but i also luv to be out in the streets capturing this very multicultural expat community.

Over the next few weeks i shall try to post many images from my Dubai collection… not just pretty buildings with nice sky, but some real street photography, so that you can get to know just what it is like in this part of the world…. keep tuned in… see you soon.

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab